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How to Get YouTube Subscribers: 17 tips to gain more subscribers for your channel

A YouTube channel can bring great returns to any digital business – you need to use effective strategies and content to reach your target audience, gain YouTube subscribers and visibility.

Thousands of videos are shared every day on YouTube, it is essential to develop interesting content to get subscribers.

Surely you have heard the expression: Rushing things does not bring benefits. A YouTube business should grow gradually, and with the help of Social Up, even better, increasing the number of subscribers, likes, views and visibility of your channel.

Tips to gain YouTube subscribers

1. Establish your target business

What area do you want to develop your YouTube channel? There are many options in which you can develop your content. Social Up recommends, to all people who want to start an online project, to choose an area that they really like. When we really like an area, we will want to develop more and more effective content, in other words, create more content with quality.

If your passion is fashion, why not specialise in that area? Choose an area, such as fashion trends (clothing) that respect the principles of sustainability.It can be a good idea for those who want to develop an online business, an online clothing shop and or influencer, for example.

This is the starting point for those who want to start an online business. When we do something we enjoy, with a sense of accomplishment, the results are completely different, there is a greater attention to the production of the content and it is these details that make the difference. Increasing interaction – YouTube subscribers, likes and views.

2. Analyse your competitors’ businesses

To develop your YouTube channel it is essential to analyse the competition: the way they communicate; the existing interaction; keywords used; titles; and content.

Let’s use the previous example, an online shop that promotes content on YouTube:: imagine that your competitors are not making their target audience aware of the benefits of sustainably manufactured clothing, you can take advantage of this gap in competitors and adopt this strategy for your business: YouTube video “Benefits sustainable clothing VS mass industrial manufacturing”.

Note that this is just an example, we have not done any research on the best keywords to use in the title in question.

Comparing the competition is essential in order to adopt strategies that are being less well developed by them, and take advantage of them to put them into practice on your channel and get YouTube subscribers.

Socialup dicas ganhar subscritores youtube ganhar inscritos
Tips to get YouTube subscribers

3. Visual Identity

The third tip – visual identity – consists in planning the visual identity, that is, the types and colours of letters to be used in the videos, background colours, communication and organisation of each content to be published and even the communication with the clients should be defined. The aim is to make your channel professional, an expert in the field and in the future an authority, thereby increasing YouTube subscribers.

4. Planning

The secret to success for any business or project is to plan, so you should plan 3 to 6 months, all the details for the production of the content. You will save a lot of time, be more organised and be able to make any necessary changes.

5. Define Objectives

Any YouTube channel, to be successful and get subscribers, should have the clear and measurable goals that you want to achieve. In other words, a new channel should set itself the target of 100 YouTube subscribers and 300 views on the three videos shared in the first month. Having goals allows you to track statistics and make adjustments to the content you will publish in the future.

6. Defining the best keywords

Defining the keywords to use in the title and description of your content (video) are very important factors for the success of your channel and to get more subscribers. Take the example above, about fashion trends: to define a good title, you should analyse what the competition is doing, visit other YouTube channels; Ubersuggest is ideal for analysing the best keywords, analysing competition and coming up with content ideas. We have 3 free surveys a day and it’s a great support for developing content for your channel and earning more. YouTube subscribers YouTube.

7. YouTube video length

Many content creators get anxious when they have to create content, which is why Social Up recommends sharing videos with:

1min 23sec;

Between 4 – 5min;

Between 12 – 18 min;

Between 18 – 28 min.

More than 50% of YouTube users, watch content in its entirety (duration up to 1 minute 23 seconds). Quality content drives traffic and interaction to your channel, which helps you get YouTube subscribers.

8. Be creative and develop quality content

If you’ve analysed other videos from other YouTube channels, you’ve found what they’re developing less well, produce creative content. Continuing with our clothing example:

a) Produce contents of short duration but that are impactful and that can provide traffic and interaction for your channel, a “call to action”, attention call to generate curiosity to the target audience;

(b) Medium length videos to promote the benefits, benefits and positive aspects of your business or product;

c) Disseminate “sustainable clothing fashion trends – summer 2023”, in a farm, with the same principles and values, with animals and cultivation as a backdrop, and share the content in this way;

Finally, longer content, to educate the target audience, for example, show the manufacture of clothing item, the benefits for the environment and the target audience.

Don’t forget the “call to action” – subscribe to the channel, for example, comment and share!

Socialup ganhar subscritores youtube comprar inscritos
How to get YouTube subscribers

9. Using titles and description effectively to reach your target audience

Once you have already planned your keywords, you should create titles that focus on the keywords. Using the example above:

Keywords Ideas: fashion; sustainable clothing; what is sustainable fashion;

Title: sustainable fashion Autumn Winter 2023 trends: what is sustainable fashion? 20 stylish suggestions for any occasion and eco-friendly

Please note, this is an example, but it will help you understand the message we want to get across. Don’t use too many key words, you could be penalised. Getting the target audience’s attention is the goal. Using the two-dot ( : ) to introduce a question, numbers such as the year and the number of suggestions are excellent strategies for generating more traffic, interaction and gaining YouTube subscribers.

10. Quality images and videos

On a daily basis, Social Up detects videos on YouTube with poor quality, which provokes a less positive feeling in the target audience.

Nowadays, it is possible to start a digital business with little investment, however, it should be noted that some elements are necessary, such as a good camera to film. Content with good resolution gets more traffic and interaction.

11. Use tags

Tags are keywords or categories used to categorise the topic of your content, so that it is presented to users with an interest in that category, boosting traffic and gaining YouTube subscribers.

12. Be consistent in your publications

What is your publishing schedule? It depends on each niche, Social Up recommends for the example above, sharing 2-3 pieces of content per week.

The more quality content an influencer shares, the more often it will appear in YouTube suggestions, increasing interaction and gaining YouTube subscribers.

13. Share content on social media.

Do you also use Instagram? Google My Business? Tik Tok?

Share content on social media, nowadays, everyone has a profile on a social media of some kind, follow our tips for Instagram here and increase your reach to your target audience.

14. Interact with your audience

If you leave a comment on a video you’ve seen on YouTube, surely if the author interacts with you and thanks you, you’ll feel cared for by the author and end up subscribing to their channel. Comments are very important in motivating every digital entrepreneur, promote the “call to action” for them to comment on your content and thank them for their contributions.

15. Highlighting the best content

Did you know that you can highlight your best content? YouTube subscribers value an orderly channel. What are you waiting for? Highlight the content which has the greatest reach.

16. Developing partnerships

Developing partnerships can be an interesting strategy for increasing traffic, YouTube subscribers and results, but there are precautions to take into account that could turn into a huge headache if you don’t prevent them.

Developing effective partnerships increases the traffic of your channel. Taking into account the example used, Social Up recommends a partnership in the area of sustainable cosmetics, vegan food, accessories, among others, with the same values, beneficial to the business. It doesn’t make sense to set up partnerships in the same niche you operate in. You should opt for the same “sustainable” category, but one that doesn’t compete with your product or service.

Good business advice for setting up partnerships is to:

(a) plan carefully and define the exact number of actions, references and all strategies to develop together. It should be fair and beneficial to all involved;

(b) dedicate a specific day for each partnership;

c) a well-developed partnership may result in excellent results: the greater your commitment, the greater the trust you will generate; he who wants everything, loses everything: one step at a time, after two months of partnership, some setbacks begin to appear, be professional and maintain a friendly relationship, don’t forget that you are working for both of you.

d) good partnerships attract other content creators relevant to your digital business.

17. Buy Youtube subscribers

Some digital experts promote that you should not buy YouTube subscribers, views and likes, so Social Up proposes the answer to the question below:

Which video do you choose? A or B?

a) How to create a successful digital business: 22 business ideas for 2022 – with 12698 views and 689 likes;

b) How to create a successful digital business: 38 business ideas for 2022 – with 112 views and 2 likes.

Most users will choose option A as it shows that you are an authority in the field.

The more YouTube views your channel receives, the more likely it is that your content will appear in YouTube search results for your target audience.

Buying YouTube subscribers at Social Up is a completely secure and discreet process. We safeguard the identity of all our customers.

Are there any disadvantages if I buy YouTube subscribers? There are no disadvantages, on the contrary, if you buy 1000 YouTube subscribers and continue to publish content regularly, you are helping to increase the trust of your target audience. Essential factors for growing your channel.

Subscribers generate more subscribers. If your content has a good number of views and likes, it will attract new subscribers and lead your business to success.

Don’t waste any more time, invest in buying YouTube subscribers and guarantee more results.

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We wish your business success on social media.

Social Up – the perfect boost for your social media!

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