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5 Advantages of Buying Instagram Followers UK/USA

Buy Instagram followers UK/USA – Yes or no? Our answer is YES!

We get more and more emails asking about the benefits of buying Instagram followers UK/USA, and our answer is very clear:

Instagram profiles with 250 Instagram followers, few likes and no views do not inspire credibility to potential customers. Do you agree with our answer?

Let’s imagine you want to buy some shoes and you find the same promotion on 2 Instagram accounts:

The XPTO fashion shop has 275 Instagram followers, an average of 9 likes on publications, 54 views on reels and videos and has 1 identification of a customer (storie), who happens to put likes on all publications, such close friends or family.

Fashion shop XY has 1743 Instagram followers, an average of 154 likes on posts, 1067 views on reels and videos and 15 different customer (stories), with a few days difference between each post.

Which shop will you choose to buy your shoes? It is obvious that you will choose shop XY, and why? Because it has more Instagram followers, more likes, more views and stories from customers who have identified the profile. It promotes a feeling of trust to new customers.

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Benefits of buying followers UK:

Benefits of buying Instagram followers UK/USA:

1ª – Increases the trust of potential customers

This aspect is very important for all businesses without visibility on Instagram. Buying UK/USA Instagram followers, likes and views reels and video is an investment that promotes growth and visibility, increasing the chances of becoming a reference in the area and generating more results.

2ª – Promotes the growth of your business

Instagram followers generate Instagram followers, likes generate more likes… keep your profile active by sharing posts, Social Up gives your business a “push” to scale!

3ª – Increase authority in the area

Posting content and consistently getting likes and views will generate more interest from your target audience. Think about it, if you find a video with lots of views, what are most people, going to do? They’re going to check out the content of that video. They are curious! Does it make sense?

4ª – Generate more results

Promotes increased sales and interactions. Our aim is to develop a quality service with our clients, advising the best strategies to take advantage of all the opportunities and benefits that Instagram provides to your business.

And now the big question: how long do I have to buy Instagram followers, likes and views?

Investment is necessary for any online business, in this case, buying Instagram followers UK/USA, you are investing in the authority of your profile, that is, increasing the trust of the target audience, do not forget that investment generates return. Check out our tips for 2 different types of businesses:

Affiliate product shop

  • You should have between 1000 and 1500 Instagram followers;
  • Have between 120 to 180 likes per post;
  • Ensure that all videos and reels have between 600 and 900 views;
  • 10 to 15 comments (customers reviews)


  • 1000 to 1200 Instagram followers;
  • 50 to 70 likes per post;
  • 400 to 600 views on reels and videos;
  • 6 to 10 comments (customers reviews)

If you develop the strategies that we advise How to gain Instagram followers UK/USA, your profile will increase the reach, without any doubt.

We advise investing € 1 a day in advertising, several clients have followed our advice, and using the strategies buy Instagram followers UK / USA, likes, views and combine with advertising, brings resounding results. Amazing!

5ª – Saves time and money

We have available the promotional packages – grow on Instagram, to help all businesses with economical and beneficial options to have more followers, likes and views throughout the month, with description.

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We wish your business every success on social media!

Social Up – the perfect boost for your social media!

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