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How to organise your Instagram feed: 15 effective tips

An organised feed can improve the aesthetics of your account, making it more attractive and interesting to your target audience. This can help attract more followers and keep interaction from those who already follow your profile.
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How to organise your Instagram feed
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How important is it to have an organised feed on Instagram?

First impressions are of great importance when attracting new followers: your feed will be the first thing visitors see when exploring your profile. An organised and attractive feed can impress new users and make them follow your account and become a follower.

Reflect your brand: whether you use an Instagram account for business or as an influencer, your feed should reflect your brand. An organised feed helps convey the message you want and the style of your brand.

Helps visual identity: an organised feed helps maintain a consistent visual identity, making it easier for your followers to identify your posts and your brand.

Increases interaction: an organised and attractive feed helps increase interaction with your followers, encouraging them to interact with your posts, likes and comments, and follow your profile.

Helps tell a story: an organised feed can help tell a story through your posts. The design and posts should be organised so that they make sense together and create a visual narrative.

Instagram Feed Examples

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How to organise your Instagram feed
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15 tips to keep your feed organised

Define your theme: Having a theme for your feed helps keep your brand cohesive and recognisable;

Use a consistent colour palette: A consistent colour palette helps make your feed cohesive and aesthetically pleasing;

Use a grid: Planning your grid in advance allows you to have an overview of how your feed will look.

4ª Choose a default filter: Using a default filter helps keep the tone and feel of your feed consistent;

Maintain a consistent image ratio: Maintaining a consistent image ratio helps keep the aesthetics of your feed consistent;

Explore all types of content: don’t limit yourself to just one type of content. Experiment with images, videos, carousels and other formats.

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how to organize instagram feed

Include interesting captions: interesting captions help increase the interaction rate with your publications;

Use emojis in moderation: emojis can add personality to your publications, but use them in moderation to avoid overloading your message;

Promote “call to action”: encourage your audience to act on your publications, through likes, comments or shares;

10ªUse different hashtags: using a wide variety of hashtags helps increase the visibility of your publications and gain more followers;

11ª Keep the feed updated: keeping your feed updated with new publications helps keep your audience engaged and attract new ones;

12ªAnalyse your data: analyse your feed data to understand which types of publications perform best, i.e. get the most reach, and adjust your strategy;

13ª Interact with your followers: respond to your followers’ comments and messages to increase interaction and build a healthy and trusting relationship;

14ª Collaborate with other content creators: collaborating with other content creators can help increase your reach and interaction, lots of creativity and team spirit;

15ª Be authentic: don’t be afraid to show your personality and be authentic on Instagram. This will help build an increasingly strong relationship of trust and empathy with your audience.

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feed Instagram

3 best platforms to organise your feed

There are several platforms that can help you organise your Instagram feed, we have selected three free options:


Planoly allows you the opportunity to see how your feed will look on Instagram, organise the publications, has the possibility to schedule publications and even analyse statistics. This platform provides a feature that can drag and drop images to facilitate the reorganization of images in the grid.


Later is another popular platform that allows you to plan, schedule and view your Instagram posts. This platform also has a feed grid option that allows you to see how publications will appear on your Instagram profile before you publish them. Very simple to use.


UNUM is an Instagram feed planning platform that allows you to check how your posts will look before you publish them. It also offers features such as the ability to schedule posts and analyse metrics to help improve your profile’s performance.

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organise Instagram feed

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