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How Google Business works: 12 advantages for your business to earn Google reviews (2022)

Nowadays, who doesn’t turn to Google to find out more about a particular service or product? Imagine your profile being shown to potential clients: Learn about the advantages of Google Business, Google reviews and their importance in increasing the visibility of your business online?

If you have a local business, it’s essential to create a Google Business profile!

What is the relevance of Business Google profile for my business?

Suppose you search on Google, for a new beauty salon, a kitchen shop or even a restaurant in your local area, the first searches that will be listed on Google, are those that constantly update their profile, and with higher 5 star ratings on Google reviews.

Creating a Google Business profile for your business is advantageous for increasing the visibility of your services and/or products on the Internet.

Social Up has a profile on Google Business, with the aim of increasing the trust of the target audience and generating more results.

Socialup google my business reviews
Business Google Reviews

12 Business Google benefits for your business: get more business review on google

Is Business Google good for your business? Social Up is not a local business but it is present on Google Business, check it out here, analyse it and help us grow, post it here. a 5 star review please. We appreciate your help!

1ª. Create a profile, you can put all the information about your business, from the description, location and time;

2ª. You can detail your business and describe the services and products you offer and the prices;

3ª. You can schedule services, meetings and receive messages from potential clients;

4ª. You can share photos and videos, updates on services and products, news, events and offers;

5ª. You can access statistics on the number of users who have visited your profile and the combination of visitors and clicks on your website;

6ª. You can develop a simple website for your business, giving access to your target audience, increasing their confidence;

7ª. Simple and very intuitive to use;

8ª. Possibility of receiving customer reviews with ratings between 1 and 5 stars and their comments;

9ª. Possibility of being classified in the first search results of Google;

10ª. Increased visibility and more sales.;

11ª. Advertising on Google ads;

12ª. Sharing your profile on social media.

Socialup reviews business google
Reviews Business Google

Investing in Google Reviews: more results for your business on Google Business

Did you know that the Google Business profiles with the best review scores are the ones that appear in the top 2 results on Google?

Let’s see an example: do a search on Google with the expression:

Hairdresser near me: check the number of reviews of the first 2 results:

In the first result, the business with the best performance in the last month will be listed.

In the second result, the business with the best performance in the last few months will be listed.

Socialup business google reviews
Review Business Google

You should update your profile just like you post on Instagram or YouTube. To be listed in the top results, you must update your profile weekly with photos, videos, news, events and offers, allowing Google to detect this activity and show your business more often to potential customers.

Buying reviews Google Business is a smart and effective strategy, as Social Up sends 5-star reviews one at a time and every 72 hours, discreetly, and the comment is sent by you. That’s right, the content of each review is created and sent to us by you, writing it in the “Notes” when you buy.

Investing in reviews Business Google is good for your business as you will have more visibility. Potential customers with an interest in your service or product will see your business in the top results, boosting sales.

Don’t forget, reviews generate more reviews and increase the trust of potential customers.

Não perca mais tempo, invista em comprar reviews Business Google e garanta mais resultados, não deixe escapar nenhuma oportunidade. Position your business strategically with Social Up.

Leave your 5-star review on our Business Google profile, help us grow. Follow us on Instagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with news and receive fantastic discounts!

We wish your Google My Business success and many 5-star reviews!

Social Up – the perfect boost for your social media!

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